Graceland Cemetery

Pizzo & Associates, Ltd completed a turf-to-prairie transformation at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago and the results are incredible. Starting in 2014, we worked with an landscape architecture firm and the Cemetery’s Board to create a beautiful prairie that is now home to birds, butterflies, and other native wildlife.

Project: Graceland Cemetery

Pizzo company: Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. (installation and stewardship); ecology+vision, llc (interpretive signage)

Project size: 2.5 acres

Details of our work: When we started the project in 2014, the entire area was turf grass. Working with the Cemetery’s Board of Directors and a landscape architecture firm, we collaboratively created a 2.5 acre prairie with our native seed and native plugs to create a beautiful prairie. Because of the presence of the native prairie, the Cemetery is now home to birds, butterflies and other pollinators as well as a main destination for birders all around the Chicago area.

Written by Pizzo Group

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