The Pizzo Group consists of four companies that restore ecosystems and provide sustainable landscape solutions that are beautiful and functional. We can work on any job site, any size project, at any location with any ecosystem. Our processes are collaborative and thorough from design to implementation.

With over 130 awards, we are the most recognized group of companies among our peers.

Design. Grow. Build. Restore.

We are sustainable landscape architects and ecologists who guide our clients and help them design and monitor sustainable sites such as sustainable landscaping, natural areas restoration, shoreline restorations, prairies, woodlands, wetlands, and all things natural. We grow and sell native seed and perennials that help restore the environment. Build we build ecosystems in urban and suburban settings. We build native landscapes that are beautiful and sustainable. We then work with our clients to restore habitat for people, clients and animals.

Pizzo Group is a Collection of Four Companies

The Pizzo Group consists of four award-winning sister companies that champion native plants and natural areas. Beginning with deliberate design and meticulous site evaluation, we install and steward projects using native grasses, wildflowers, trees and shrubs. At our nursery operation, we supply custom seed mixes and grow more than 400 species to achieve healthy, top quality plants. We restore the natural beauty of spaces and create habitat for wild creatures from butterflies to bison. With 28 years of ecological science experience, we are eager to help you build or restore your piece of the Midwest.

ecology + vision, llc

ecology + vision, llc is a professional firm focused on offering ecological consultation and sustainable design solutions to municipalities and established professional design firms through our unique Greenline® review service and pre-construction & post-construction ecological services.

In addition, ecology + vision, llc also offers full sustainable landscape architecture services. With over a decade of award-winning experience as professional consultants and professional ecological contractors, ecology + vision, llc. was formed to offer a rare perspective to municipalities and established design professionals on the successful implementation of natural areas into their next project by providing field-tested insight as to what works both on paper and in the field.

Our staff consists of registered landscape architects and ecologists specializing in native plants, naturalized landscapes and ecosystem restoration that can work seamlessly alongside your professional staff. We provide ecological consultation and sustainable design & planning services to a variety of clients that include landscape architects and planners, civil engineers, schools & universities, development teams, private and public landowners, city, county, state, and federal government agencies, homeowners associations, property managers, golf courses, corporate campuses, and non-profit organizations.

See Consulting + Design for ecology + vision’s services.

Pizzo Native Plant Nursery, LLC

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Pizzo Native Plant Nursery, LLC is a wholesale native plant nursery located in Leland, IL. We specialize in native plug species from the midwest region and are known as an established and reputable grower of local ecotype plants. Our plugs are guaranteed to be well hydrated and fully rooted to ensure long-term survivability when planted in the landscape, on a green roof, urban garden, riparian, roadside, golf course and in ecological restoration applications.

We offer superior horticultural support and service and are backed by nearly 30 years of knowledge in science and the business of ecology. Our standard plug size is a deep 38-cell, however some species are better suited in the deep 32-cell trays. We also contract grow in 50 and 72-cell plug sizes.

The nursery has expanded over the years to accommodate the growing native plant market and our product line includes over 400 species of native plants.

Pick-up and delivery via a common carrier or our nursery truck is available to get our product to our customers throughout the country. We are proud to provide quality products that result in the creation of sustainable landscapes.

See Native Plant Nursery for more information.

Native Landscape Contractors, LLC

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For our clients who require union-based restoration, the Native Landscape Contractors, LLC team is dedicated to preparing the land and installing native plants and seed without shortcuts and using the highest quality flora from local, reliable sources. We work together with public and private landowners to convert high maintenance, low functioning, chemical intensive landscapes into low maintenance, highly functional natural areas that become home to our native birds and butterflies.

See Ecological Restoration for a list of services offered.

Pizzo & Associates, Ltd.

While many companies claim to provide ecological restoration, PizzoPizzo & Associates & Associates, Ltd. offers all aspects of the creation and restoration of natural areas. We provide knowledgeable consultation and planning. We prepare the land and install native plants and seeds without shortcuts, using the highest quality flora from local, reliable sources from our own nursery. And we follow through with stewardship to ensure long-term viability.

Our results speak for themselves.

See Ecological Restoration for more information.