Anita Purves Nature Center

Conducted conceptual design, design development, and completion of full bidding documents for the Urbana Park District’s Anita Purves Nature Center Habitat Garden. The project consists of a 2 acre parcel surrounding the Nature Center, bounded by the Saline Drainage Channel, and also serves as the access point to Busey Woods, a 59 acre woodland that contains high-quality remnant areas of woodland, savanna, prairie, wetland, and riparian ecosystems.

Project: Anita Purves Nature Center

Pizzo company: ecology + vision, llc

Project size: A 2 acre nature center landscape.

Details of our work:The Habitat Garden has been designed with an emphasis on attracting songbirds to the garden through the selection of species that feed birds directly through their fruit and/or seed as well as species that are hosts for caterpillars and insects, a main food source for songbirds. ecology + vision, llc also designed an innovative water feature with a natural aesthetic that serves as an over-sized bird bath in close proximity to the bird viewing room of the nature center in order to maximize bird activity within the viewing area.

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