Crow Island and Bell Woods Natural Areas Masterplans

ecology + vision, llc was contracted to prepare a Natural Areas Master Plan for future ecological restoration and management of the Bell Woods and Crow Island natural areas for the Winnetka Park District.

Project: Crow Island and Bell Woods Natural Areas Masterplans

Pizzo company: ecology + vision, llc

Details of our work: The goal of this plan was to identify existing natural areas throughout each site and to identify a thirty-six month future stewardship plan for the Winnetka Park District to enhance and expand the historical significance and ecological diversity on each site. In addition, this plan identified sites that could be converted from unsustainable, high-maintenance, and chemical intensive landscape treatments to sustainable, low-maintenance landscapes while maintaining or enhancing usability with appropriate aesthetics. Work conducted included three botanical surveys throughout one year in order to accurately collect existing vegetation data. Extensive historical ecosystem research & assessment ensured restoration recommendations were in line with historical ecosystems on-site. The report included mapping of existing ecosystems, in-depth ecological health evaluations, and the development of detailed restoration and stewardship regimes for each habitat type for use by District staff & volunteers.

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