Ecological Assessments

Successful ecological restoration begins with properly assessing a site. What kind of plants and animals are there? What is the topography? Is there water and how does it move? Walking a site allows landscape architects and planners to get to know its special characteristics and how to maximize resources to restore its natural beauty. Sometimes, we find threatened and endangered species or particularly valuable remnant ecosystems.

Some natural areas are more challenging to navigate through restoration than others. For example, wetland regulations can be particularly tough to tackle without expert help. First, you need to determine if your site qualifies as a wetland. We can offer assistance. Our certified wetland specialists will walk you through the process.

We believe in using science to drive our ecological restoration activities. When we assess your site, we use the most recent technology to accurately measure and monitor the flora and fauna. This creates a bedrock of solid data to build and evaluate the restored ecosystems and make realistic performance criteria to determine the long-term success of the project.

Once an assessment is in place, it’s time to dive into restoration. Are you ready to discover unexpected treasures on your site?


Written by Pizzo Group

The Pizzo Group is a family of four companies that restores ecosystems and provides sustainable landscape solutions that are both beautiful and functional. We do this at any job site, any size project and within any ecosystem. Our processes are collaborative and range from design through implementation.