“Green and Natural Spaces: Long-term Management is the Key” in Lexington

Professional Grounds Management Society – Annual Conference – Lexington, KY

On October 17, Jack Pizzo will be presenting Green and Natural Spaces: Long-term Management is the Key at the PGMS Annual Conference in Lexington, KY.

Presentation Summary:
Most people think natural spaces do not require maintenance and once you plant it, you can just walk away. Nothing can be further from the truth. Much like traditional gardens or your home, natural areas also require ongoing maintenance in order for them to perform. Not only do they provide benefits to our ecosystems (pollinators), they can also solve other issues such as drastically reducing soil erosion around retention areas.

Learning Objectives:

  • Your role in the natural spaces and how you can help – at work or at home
  • What are native, non-native, invasive and why it matters to your local ecosystem
  • Understand how planning is an integral part to a good natural area
  • Strategies for an effective management (stewardship) plan
  • Why consistent and ongoing management is key for success

To learn more about PGMS and the annual conference, visit their website.


Written by Pizzo Group

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