Illinois Math and Science Academy Masterplan

This project involved the development of a sustainable campus masterplan for the Illinois Math & Science Academy (IMSA), a public high school for students throughout the state of Illinois that display high levels of proficiency in math and/or science curriculum.

Project: Illinois Math and Science Academy Masterplan

Pizzo company: ecology + vision, llc

Project size: 90 acres

Details of our work:

ecology + vision, llc provided a detailed inventory of existing natural features throughout the 90 acre IMSA campus, identified potential sites for conversion from turf to prairie and/or other BMP’s such as rain gardens and bioswales, identified historical ecosystems, developed comprehensive natural areas restoration planning including species lists and methods, and provided phasing with generalized cost estimates for construction documentation, restoration and long-term stewardship of proposed improvements.

IMSA desired to achieve multiple goals through the development of this masterplan:

1.) provide a comprehensive document that could be followed by multiple board of director regimes, that read well, assembled appropriate or requested information and was easily navigable from front to back;

2.) provide high quality 1-page graphics to be utilized in securing implementation funding, either through insertion into grant submittals or as a leave-behind for potential donors; and

3.) provide enough technical information that would provide a guideline for future design firms to follow during construction document creation, which will allow for a uniform aesthetic throughout campus.

Written by Pizzo Group

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