Ecological Assessments

Every great project starts with a plan. Learn why an ecological assessment should be the first step you take.

Understanding all there is to know about the site as it exists today (taking soil samples, identification of existing invasive and native plants, etc) is crucial for planning for the actions for tomorrow. Knowing your goals for the site is also extremely important. How will you be using it? What ecological (or other) problems are you trying to solve? After analyzing a site, the data allows us to best prepare a plan and determine which corrective actions will need to be taken and how to best design a site that satisfies all your needs.

A detailed set of plans and specifications is also extremely important for the bidding process. A best practices approach is for the ecological assessment expert to be the one overseeing the bidding process as well as the implementation of the project. In this scenario, an ecological professional can ensure the contractor is doing the work exactly according to plan.

Finally, a thoughtful ecological plan helps both the client and the contractor(s) see the same vision and follow the same path. With a well-designed plan, clients know exactly what to expect and contractors know exactly what needs to be done.