Native Plant Nursery

Pizzo Native Plant Nursery, LLC is a wholesale grower specializing in native seed and deeply rooted plants. We are an established and reputable grower with more than 30 years of ecological restoration science behind our product and services.

At Pizzo Native Plant Nursery LLC, we strive to create growing conditions found in nature. At our 40-acre nursery located west of Chicago, we grow more than 430 species of native plants sourced from regional and local ecotypes for prairie, woodland, and wetland habitats.

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Check our plant availability here or contact us at (815) 981-8000.

DID YOU KNOW? Contract growing allows you to specify to us exactly what you need. We are happy to grow anything from a 72-cell tray up to 2-quart and gallon containers. Read more about our contract growing services.

Seed Mixes

The quality of a seed mix can make all the difference. Seed quality is important because a seed loses its viability quickly if not treated properly. Seed should be purchased from a native plant nursery who has experience holding seed in the right climatic conditions until it is ready to be installed on a project site. There are so many varieties of native seed that tolerate all kinds of conditions from wet to dry.

For a project to be successful, a quality seed mix must contain species that will succeed for each specific site, making an Ecological Assessment a crucial activity.

How much seed is just as important as the type of seed you use. Without a sufficient number of native seeds  per square foot to germinate, they won’t be able to out-compete the weeds. In fact, in a typical area, there are over 1 million weed seeds per square foot. For native plantings, our goal is to use over 100 seeds per square foot in order to achieve a well-established, healthy planting and allow the native plants to overtake the weeds.

Click here to download our Seed Mix PDF sheets with full specifications on our 15 Standardized Seed Mixes.

Our 40-acre nursery can serve all of your native plant needs.

Plant Plug Sizes

Our plants are Deeply Rooted.

Our plug sizes measure wider and deeper than other nurseries, so when we say “Deeply Rooted” you know we are delivering better products and exceptional service with a deep commitment to creating ecologically balanced landscapes.

Our cell sizes are:

  • 32 cell 2.63” x 3.5”, volume of 17.09 cu. in.
  • 38 cell 2.25” x 5”, volume of 11.30 cu. in.
  • 50 cell 2” x 5 “, volume of 11.9 cu. in.
  • 72 cell 1.63” x 3.25”, volume of 4.2 cu. in.

Along with our economical and compact standard plug sizes, we have an availability of a selection of gallon, 2-quart and quarts sizes. Using larger sizes in your landscape enhances the robustness in the first year and allows for planting within wider areas.

Search online for plant availability by size and species.

Native Lawn Alternative

Buffalo grass is warm season, low-growing lawn alternative able to survive the cold climates of the north as well as the hot and dry climates of the south. Plugs are contract grown in either 38 or 72 cell trays sizes. Please contact us for pricing, as well as plug and seed installation rates.

Bare Root Material

Depending on the time of year, our nursery has the ability to source or harvest a variety of spring ephemerals, emergent, and submergent species as bare root material. Please call (815) 981-8000 or email us for more information on bare root materials.