Contract Growing

One of the ways we can deliver top quality plants when you need them is through contract growing. Contract growing is ideal for bigger orders and large installation projects. We’ll ship or deliver, too.

Contract growing allows you to specify exactly to your installation needs. We are happy to grow anywhere from a 72-cell tray up to 2-quarts and gallon containers. If you have specific species that may be difficult to source or you need a large quantity to be ready at a particular time, we strongly encourage you to consider a contract grow. We can also grow from your seed or seed collected from a particular county of origin.

Benefits include:

  • Getting all your plants from one source instead of working with multiple vendors
  • Upfront pricing that helps you to accurately predict project costs
  • Consistent product quality
  • Accurate ready date timing that creates better establishment of the plant species and greater long-term success.


Pizzo Native Plant Nursery