Patterson Technology Center

Patterson Technologies is a national company providing software solutions, equipment, and supplies to serve the dental health care profession. The design of their new corporate office building gives workers a flexible and sustainable work environment aligned with the company’s brand of being a trusted partner to healthcare providers. The 100,000 square foot facility is sited on a 21 acre greenfield, tucked into a natural slope and is surrounded by southern Illinois oak-hickory woodland. ecology + vision, llc (e+v) was retained as the project landscape architect and conducted conceptual design, design development, and completion of full bidding documents for the landscape of the new LEED Silver facility.

The building design incorporated column-free spans of workspace from the core to the perimeter walls and strategically designed & placed windows immerse workers and visitors in daylight and views of the outdoors. e+v enhanced the architect’s intent by designing a landscape that was natural in character but rigid in form adjacent to the building, framing and accentuating views across the newly created 13 acre natural prairie landscape and into the existing picturesque woodland perimeter. The landscape design included walking trails, seating areas, bike racks, a naturalized pond, over an acre of non-irrigated Buffalo Grass lawn and a 1,400 sqft green roof utilizing all native species. Utilizing native plant material on the green roof allowed us to utilize that square footage toward the Create or Restore Habitat LEED credit and led to the award of an additional exemplary performance credit. Ultimately the landscape achieved 22% of the approved LEED Credits (11/50) while accounting for only 1.5% of total construction costs (approx. $250k/$16M)

Awards & Recognition
• Don Erickson Presidential Award – Association of Licensed Architects (ALA)
• Silver Award – Association of Licensed Architects