Pine Dunes

Native Landscape Contractors, LLC is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of this 310-acre project for the Illinois Tollway and Lake County Forest Preserves while ecology + vision, llc is conducting 5-year monitoring and reporting. The project began in 2013 as we worked with a general contractor to begin to restore this natural area.

Project: Pine Dunes

Pizzo company: Native Landscape Contractors, LLC & ecology + vision, llc

Project size: A 310-acre project for Illinois Tollway on Lake County Forest Preserves property.

Details of our work: Working with a general contractor, NLC initially conducted the removal of woody trees, cattails, and reed canary grass. We then created new wetlands, prairie and savanna, restored a stream bank and installed more than 150,000 native plant plugs. We currently have ongoing responsibility for invasive species management including herbicide treatment and prescribed fire. ecology + vision is conducting vegetation monitoring in aquatic, emergent, wet prairie, wet-mesic prairie, mesic prairie, dry prairie, savanna, and woodland habitats throughout the project site.

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