Private Residence – Michigan

Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. brought back to life this private homeowner’s eight acre property. The land was overgrown with invasive species when we began work here, and our team turned this property into an award-winning site that features natural areas and beautiful sculptures.


Project: Private Residence, Michigan

Pizzo company: Pizzo & Associates, Ltd.

Project size: 8 acres of private property in Michigan

Details of our work:  The property was in need of major repair when Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. first took over the project in 2015. We began by removing overgrown invasive species and conducting a very careful prescribed burn to protect the owner’s valuable sculptures. Woody invasive and waste removal was also part of the initial preparation.

Since then, the land has thrived with native plants and we continue our stewardship of the property by controlling the invasive species, hand pulling weeds and selective herbicide use.

This property is also a 2017 recipient of Illinois Landscape Contractors Association – Gold Award for Residential Landscape Construction (Sustainable honors) awarded to Pizzo & Associates, Ltd.

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Written by Pizzo Group

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