Resource Bank

This branch of Resource Bank in Shabbona, Illinois embraced their natural landscape and contracted ecology + vision, llc to create a master native landscaping plan for their property. Pizzo Native Plant Nursery, LLC supplied the plugs for this project and Native Landscape Contractors, LLC implemented the plan. Resource Bank of Shabbona now has its own piece of prairie.

Project: Resource Bank, Shabbona, IL

Pizzo company: ecology + vision, llc (design); Pizzo Native Plant Nursery (plants and seed); Native Landscape Contractors, LLC (installation)

Project size:  Native landscaping for bank branch property

Details of the project: Patterning the bank portion after a barn and farmhouse, the bank chose to move a historic one-room schoolhouse to the site as a community center and restore it to its original condition. The landscape needed to reflect the Little House on the Prairie rural character and the bank chose us to bring native plants back to the site to evoke the Illinois prairie of years past.

We created the design, supplied the plants and seed, and performed the installation. We are also responsible for ongoing stewardship (maintenance) of the project.