Roxana Marsh

Native Landscape Contractors, LLC performed a complete 20-acre wetland, upland and savanna restoration at Roxana Marsh in Gary, Indiana. We removed 12 acres of invasive cattails, Phragmites, and other invasive species as well as contaminated soil from the area. We installed native trees, shrubs, plants, and seed to make this site one of the most diverse areas in the Great Lake Basin.

Project: Roxana Marsh – Gary, IN

Pizzo company: Native Landscape Contractors, LLC and ecology + vision, llc

Project size: A 20-acre wetland, upland and savanna restoration

Details of our work: To prepare the land, NLC removed nearly 12 acres of cattails, Phragmites and other invasive species and removed and repaired the contaminated soil.

Native trees, shrubs, and plugs were installed following the native seeding of existing wetland areas and the 20 acre marsh. Following the seeding and planting, the area was maintained by controlling invasive species from germinating. We also restored the wetlands, uplands, and savanna. Stabilizing the riverbank shoreline included planting seed, native plugs.

This area is now home to some of the most diverse native plant and animal communities in the Great Lake Basin. ecology + vision, llc is responsible for ongoing monitoring of the project.