Stewardship: What does it mean?

You may have noticed the trucks and crews of Pizzo & Associates, Ltd. out and about in natural areas. The beautiful native plantings in common areas require regular stewardship to keep them looking their best. What is stewardship? We define it as the routine actions required to sustain the aesthetic and ecological integrity of a restored natural area. This includes weed management, prescribed fire, and monitoring. Traditional landscapes are maintained; natural areas are stewarded.

Some of the activities we perform on your site include:

  • Herbicide application – We use a targeted approach to kill only the weeds, not the wildflowers. Our staff is trained to recognize weed species and stop them in their tracks.
  • Monitoring – We track plant diversity, wildlife present, and water quality to ensure that the ecology of your area is in peak condition.
  • Mowing – The first few years of a natural areas establishment, mowing is essential for controlling annual weeds.
  • Prescribed fire – Fire is a key tool for keeping weeds at bay, eliminating woody saplings, and encouraging plant diversity.
  • Seed collection and supplemental seeding – Sometimes supplemental planting is needed to establish particular grasses or wildflowers.

These specialized activities keep your natural areas looking great and functioning efficiently.



Written by Pizzo Group

The Pizzo Group is a family of four companies that restores ecosystems and provides sustainable landscape solutions that are both beautiful and functional. We do this at any job site, any size project and within any ecosystem. Our processes are collaborative and range from design through implementation.