Tanglewood Hills HOA

When we took over the natural areas at Tanglewood Hills from the initial developer, we faced extensive restoration and stewardship of its nearly 50 acres of natural areas. Over the years we have used a mix of stewardship and complete renovation to build a layered four-season landscape. Most of the areas in the subdivision serve as stormwater solutions in addition to common space. The extensive prairies act as a dry bottom detention system in flood events. There are multiple walking paths so that residents can explore and connect with nature.

We have seeded and installed plugs to create multi-season interest with successive sweeps of blooming wildflowers for a beautiful result. Native grasses add movement as well as fall color and winter interest. Entry spaces to the walking paths have been planted in a more formal style using native plants. Controlled burns are employed to keep diversity high and invasive species at bay. We are particularly pleased with a new section of oak woodland that after a fall controlled burn burst into a carpet of ephemeral wildflowers come spring.

This site balances the need for stormwater solutions with the aesthetics of a more manicured meadow look. There are swathes of color spring through fall with pollinators flitting through the flowers.


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Written by Pizzo Group

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