Tinley Park Naturalized Basin Assessments

ecology + vision, llc has conducted detailed inventories of existing vegetation for multiple naturalized basins, all of which are stormwater facilities owned by the Village of Tinley Park. The project includes detailed vegetative inventories, critical analysis regarding the quality of natural vegetation and its distribution throughout the properties, recommendations for ecological restoration, and recommendations for phasing with specific cost estimates for restoration and long-term stewardship.

Project: Tinley Park Naturalized Basin Assessments

Pizzo company: ecology + vision, llc

Details of our work: ecology began with two assessments late in 2011. Based on our performance the Village followed-up by contracting ecology to develop a standardized basin assessment program in 2012, which included conducting assessments and the preparation of reports for eight additional basins. Tinley Park intends to continue conducting assessments annually until all of the 120+ stormwater facilities they own and manage have been assessed, naturalized and are under active long-term management.